How to Send

  1. How  to Send Money


      1. First,  you must be a City Express  member. You have to fill the application form and submit valid ID card for it.

      2. Each remittance has a limit of up to 1,000,000 JPY.

3. Depending on the receiving country, amount limits may vary. Please contact us for confirmation.

4. High Amount transfer needs evidences of sufficient income sources, evidence stating purpose of remittance and relationship with the beneficiary, etc.

5. Under Japanese law, remittances that are related to Iran and/or North Korea are prohibited.

6. City Express commission, FX rate and ATM Charge are different according to the countries.

7. Transactions by installments are prohibited by law.


               Method of Sending Money by City Express

1.  Remittance Card 

2. Transfer through Counter

3. Bank Transfer (Denshin Furikomi)


1. Remit Card:

  • Using Remit card is the best way to transfer money through Japan Post Bank (JP bank) ATM. There are more than 26,000 ATM of Japan Post Bank network throughout Japan.
  • This is person-to-person card. For each beneficiary you want to send money, a card will be sent accordingly; it is possible to have up to 5 Cards for a sender. 
  • Japan Post bank ATM is opened from Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 21:00 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9:00 to 17:00

* ATM service fee and Service Charge to use City Remit card and SBI Remittance card (for Nepal remittance) is:

Remittance Amount

ATM Charge

Service Charge for Nepal

Upto 30,000 Yen

 0 Yen

500 Yen

From 30,001 to 150,000 Yen


From 150,001 to

1,000,000 Yen

 0 Yen


0 Yen

1000 Yen


1500 Yen

**ATM charge and Remittance Service charge for other counteries are different. (We are updating it.) Please call on the tel number written on the card for more. 

2. Transfer through Counter:

Please go to City Express counter and first become our member filling our application form. Then submit required amount. Our staff will send your amount   immidiately .

Our Counter Addresses:

  • Tokyo: 169-0073 Tokyo To, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin Cho, 2-10-9 Shinookubo Initial House 2F ( Near JR Shinookubo Station)    Tel 03-5925-4121 , Mobile: 090-6452-8932 (Softbank)
  • Fukuoka Branch: 812-0054 Fukuoka- Ken, Fukuoka- Shi, Higashi- Ku, Maidashi, 1-2-23 Dai Ichi Okabe Bldg. 1F  Tel 070 3232 6802 (Direct) 
  • Nagoya Branch: 460-0002 Aichi-Ken, Nagoya-Shi, Naka-Ku, Marunouchi 2-10-16 Mochiki Bldg. 1F   Tel 080 3409 1861

3. By Bank transfer: 

You can transfer money through Japan Post Bank (JP Bank) to our account written below.

                 For Remittance:

Bank Name: Japan Post Bank 

Account Number:     10120-30583861

Account Name: City Express Money Transfer Japan            


Important Note: Please contact to our office, after transferring your money to our account.

For more, call us: 03-4582-6976,  090-6452-8932,  080-4659-1860  or  03-5925-4121
















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