Become Our Member

To send money from City Express Japan, first you need to become our member.


Requirements to become city Express Member:

1. Registration Form of City Express Japan (Down load Registration Form:

2. Valid ID Copy

Acceptable ID to become a member of CEJ are as follows.

  1. For Foreigner:

1. Residence Card

2.My Number (12 digits)

  1. For Japanese:

1.Driver’s license or Insurance Card

 •ID with photo is preferable.  If ID without photo, another ID is required.

2. My Number (12 digits)

  1. For Company:
  1. Certified copy of register, which is issued within these six months.
  2. Copy of ID for a person in charge of transactions.
  3. Proof of relation between a person in charge of transactions and the company.

e.g. Employee card, Business card, Proxy from representative person

  1. Name list and share percentage of major shareholders who holds more than 25% shares of his/her company (To be confirmed by self-certification).
  2. My Number of the Company



  • You must be Resident of Japan and your age must be 17 years or older.
  • ID with photo is preferable.  If ID without photo, another ID is required.
  • Submission of My Number is customer resposibility. 

For any other acceptable ID issued by Public Office, please inquire directly to CEJ’s office


Registration for SBI Remittance Card ( Only for Nepal)



Counter Registration (Direct)


Just come to our office or go to our any of our agencies with your original ID and our  staff  will be pleased to assist you during the entire process.


By Post Mail (Indirect)


Please send us a copy of your valid ID (Both Sides) together with our APPLICATION FORM completely filled and signed to the following address:




Tel.  (03) 5925-4121

Mobile: 090-6452-8932 (Softbank)


After completion of registration , we will send you our “Welcome letter” by registered postal mail to your home address. Once you received the mail, your KYC (Address Varification)  is completed.(It is noted that we can not send welcome letter to your work address.) After completion of your KYC, you are eligible to send money through our company.

Terms and Conditions to use City express Remittance service


Online Registration (Request) Form Click Here


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