How to receive

How Can I receive the Money?

When you send money, you will get control number from City Express.

  •  If you send money to Nepal directly, you will get 10 digits control number.
  •  If you send money to Nepal by SBI remit card , you will get 13 digits control number
  • If you send money to other countries ( other than Nepal), you will get 16 digits control number.

Then in case of Cash Receive,

  • Go to City Express agent office  near to your city in your Country.
  • Submit the  control number received by City Express and Valid ID of receiver. Then your receiver will receive the money within 10 Minutes.

In Case of Bank Account  Deposit  to your Receiver account,

Our pay out agent of your country  will directly deposit your amount to your receiver bank account. Your receiver no need to submit his/her ID and control number. The amount will be deposited in the following day.

Receiving Conformation:

When you send your money , you will receive two information to  your registered email or SMS to your registered Mobile Phone.

First,when your remittance  process is done, then remittance control number is issued.

Second, when your receiver receive the amount or  deposited to your  receiver bank account, then received conformation is issued to your registered  mobile phone by SMS or to your registered email.


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