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Work with Us
Join our team! Work with us, grow with us.

City Express is offering various business opportunities to everyone who lives in Japan.

There are many ways by which you can work with us.

1, City Express Business PROMOTER (A)
If you have many friends or you work around many people that want to send money to their home country or abroad, and If you are interested to offer our service to your friends then you can be our business promoter. If you become our business promoter, we will give you certain benefit. Please contact to us for detail information ..

2, City Express Business PROMOTER (B)
This opportunity is oriented to companies that have constant communication with customers and that are looking to expand their businesses with sub-services besides their main one. This opportunity is also oriented to individual who have many friends or who work around many people that want to send money to their home country or abroad.

Please call to us about detail information.

City Express Agency(C):
This opportunity is oriented to companies only. If you have a store, grocery shop or foreign customers related company, being a part of City Express as an Agent, you can offer our remittance service to your regular customers. Micro & Small Enterprises owners and entrepreneurs are welcome for our agency. It is noted that the company should be registered under the law of Japan to be eligible.

For more information please contact to us :

Tel: 03-5925-4121

1. Nepali Language      :   090-6452-8932,  08046591860

2. Vietnam Language   :  080-9679-3849

3. Indonesia Langauge:  080-9640-0699

4. English Language:       03-5937-3908



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