Complaint Handling Measure

Complaint Handling Policy:

  1. Make a sincere response to the customer’s complaint, and execute resolutions in a fair, quick and transparent manner in accordance with the actual facts of complaint.
  2. Take action with all the understanding possible from customers.
  3. Find out the cause of complaint, if necessary, review the company structure and rule, and then prevent the occurrence of future complaints.

Inquiries and Complaints from Requestor

Inquiries (including the inquiry about the status of the remittance) and complaints from the Requestor shall be accepted at the following address and phone/fax numbers.

Shin-Okubo Initial House 2F, 2-10-9, Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073, Japan


Phone: (03) 5925-4121

Fax: (03) 5925-4122

7days a week: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

However, Japanese non-business days during the year-end and new-year period are excluded.

Procedure for the complaint resolutions:

  1. Receive complaints from the customers by staff of Customer Service Dept.  Report and consult with Manager of Customer Service Dept.
  2. Interview staff about the accident, and examine a solution by Manager of Customer Service Dept.
  3. Present a solution to the customers by Staff of Customer Service Dept.
  4. If can not be resolved, report to Management Team by Manager of Customer Service Dept. to discuss countermeasure (If necessary, consult Kessaigyo Kyokai).
  5. Present a resolution to the customers by Manager of Customer Service Dept. (If necessary, introduce Kessaigyo Kyokai to the customers).

  • Japan Payment Service Association (Kessaigyo Kyokai) “Customer Service Office”
  • Phone: 03-3556-6261
  1. If can not receive understanding from the customers after even a month after present a resolution to the customers, introduce the following authority to the customers.

  • Tokyo Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center            Phone: 03-3581-0031
  • Daiich Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center Phone: 03-3595-8588
  • Daini Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center   Phone: 03-3581-2249
  1. Record the background to the accident by Customer Service Dept. to report the process and result of the accident to Management Team.  Maintain records for 5 years after the resolution.
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