Cambodia Pchum Ben Festival 2020

September is the month when Cambodian people celebrate the festival of Phchum Ben. Phchum Ben is the most important festival in the Khmer religious calendar. Pchum Ben (Khmer: បុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ; “Ancestors’ Day”) is a 15-day Cambodian religious festival. The word ‘Ben’ in Khmer means to collect; ‘Ben’ also means to cup or mold cooked rice into portions. To ‘Ben Baht’ means to collect food to give to monks. The word ‘Phchum’ means to congregate or to meet together. Monks chant the suttas in Pali language overnight (continuously, without sleeping) in prelude to the gates of hell opening, an event that is presumed to occur once a year.

Cambodians who can’t join the festival, will send some money to their parents or family to support to buy foods or daily use materials to the monks or old/poor people. To help Cambodian people living in Japan, City Express Japan offers REMITTANCE SERVICE CHARGE FREE campaign.

Campaign Period: September 8th to October 8th 2020

Campaign Name: Pchum Ben Festival 2020

Offers: Remittance Service Charge is free.

Note: ATM Service charge for City Remit Card will not be free.

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