City Express Japan Announces Remittance Partnership with Sendly Mongolia

CITY EXPRESS MONEY TRANSFER JAPAN CO. LTD., a leading remittance service provider company in Japan has announced a remittance partnership with Mongolian company Gyals Credit NBFI (“Sendly” brand name) bringing more convenient, quick and secure money transfer service to individual and corporate customers.

“This strategic partnership with Sendly enables the instant bank deposit service to major banks in Mongolia. Immigrants in Japan will be benefited with this service to send money to families in Mongolia. Also, business houses can use this channel to send salaries, expenses and other corporate transactions through us,” says Shrestha Mahesh, Chief Executive Officer of City Express Money Transfer Japan.

Persons having residential status in Japan can use “City Express Japan” mobile application for registration or can visit counter in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and other main cities to send money instantly.

“Sendly is delighted to team up with City Express to offer money transfer service. In today`s competitive payment environment, technology makes a huge difference in delivering the best customer experience. The “City Remit Card” is very easy to use and convenient. Mongolians living in Japan will be benefited by this to send money home,” states Nyamjargal Batdorj, Director of Remittance Business at Gyals Credit NBFI LLC.

About City Express Money Transfer Japan: City Express Japan is a world-wide fund transfer service provider with registered office in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It is incorporated under the Japanese legislation and registered in Kanto Finance Bureau with fund transfer service provider registration number 00025. It provides both outward international remittance from Japan to foreign countries and also the inward remittance to Japan.

Customers in Japan can use City Remit Card, visit counters or use their bank account transfer method to send money abroad. Details of service:

About Sendly, Mongolia: “Gyals Credit NBFI” LLC is operating under the license of Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, established in 2015, to conduct “money transfer, electronic payment, currency exchange trading and lending activities”.

It provides local currency (MNT) money transfer service to major banks in Mongolia. More details: