City Wallet Card Top Up

1. City Wallet Card

  • Deposit cash in City Wallet Card through Japan Post Bank ATM
  • Your deposit in the card will be reflected on “City Express Japan” mobile app as available balance 
  • ATM deposit fee will be deducted from the deposited amount

2. Counter

  • Visit nearby City Express counter and request the operator to top up your wallet
  • Submit your valid photo ID card and desired top up amount to the counter staff

3. Bank Transfer/ Furikomi

Registered customer can transfer money to City Express bank account for wallet top up. Please make bank transfer to following bank details through your own bank account;

From Japan Post Bank account  ゆうちょ銀行:

Account name振込先口座: CITY EXPRESS MONEY TRANSFER JAPAN シティ エクスフ゜レス マネー トランスファー ジャパン

Account number 口座番号 : 10120-30583861 

From other banks ゆうちょ以外の銀行:

Account name 振込先口座:CITY EXPRESS MONEY TRANSFER JAPAN CO. LTD. シティ エクスフ゜レス マネー トランスファー ジャパン

Branch code 店番:018  店名:〇一八

Account number 口座番号:  3058386 

You have to contact City Express after making transfer to City Express account for Wallet top up.