Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I register as a member to use the remittance service?

Click Here for the customer registration methods.

Q2. How can I find City Express Counter Locations?

Please click Counter Locations to find out counter locations and contact details.

Q3. I do not have my mobile number.

Bisakah saya mendaftar tanpa nomor ponsel? Ya. Setidaknya metode kontak, seperti id email atau nomor telepon perusahaan tempat Anda bekerja atau perguruan tinggi/sekolah, lebih disukai.

Q4. How to add a new receiver through mobile app?

Click [MEMBERSHIP] icon on the CITY EXPRESS JAPAN mobile application. Input ID card number and choose [To Add Receiver] in the next step.

Q5. Can I make more than one remit card for the same receiver with different payment methods?

Yes, you can! You will get one card for each payment modes. Your account transfer pay-out mode remit card contains banks name along with receiver’s name. If there is no bank name written; the card is under cash payment mode.

Q6. How can I confirm or check my receivers` registered information?

Please contact the customer care center. You can edit by visiting counter or by telephone. In case of telephone, you have to call to the telephone number written at the back side of the City Remit Card.

Q7. How can I request for reissuing the remit card? Does it cost?

If you have lost your remit card or broken. Please inform us. We will reissue new remit card for you. It does not cost. Its free of cost.

Q8. Can I get City Remit Card for beneficiary a friend abroad?

Sorry, we are unable to issue Remit Card’s if receiver is friend. The card is issued, if beneficiary is your family members, relatives and on self-account. But you can send money to your friends to any country by visiting counter.

Q9. How to Send Money?

Please click Here for more details.

Q10. How can I know the exchange rate?

You can check exchange rate on the mobile app. Also, it is available in the home page.

Q11. Is there a maximum transaction amount limit?

Maximum amount per transaction is 1,000,000 JPY. But depending upon receiver`s bank account and country-rules, it may differ. Please consult with call centre before sending money.

Q12. How much is the fee charges?

It varies upon the pay-out country and partner. Please click on the Service Fee for detail information.

Q13. How long will it take to cash out a remittance at the destination?

Normally, receiver can pick up the cash instantly after submitting his/her valid original ID card and the secret PIN number provided to sender of that remittance transaction. There may be some exceptional cases that some remittance transactions may take longer time due to internal-procedures.

Q14. How to send money through City Remit Card?

City Remit Card can be used at Japan Post Bank ATMs. Method of sending money through the ATM is as follows.

  • Press English

  • Press Deposit

  • Insert City

  • Remit Press Card Issue in Japan

  • Press Enter

  • Press Enter again

  • Put banknotes in the ATM

  • Press Enter

Note: Maximum One Million Yen (1,000,000 JPY) can be processed at one time. But, receiving countries may have their own limitations

Q15. What if no longer need the CITY remit card?

City Remit Card can only be used in Japan. If customer no longer need his/her CITY remit card, ex) due to returning to home country, please visit your nearest branch and return it at the counter, or dispose the remittance card.