New Customer Registration

📱Registration through Mobile Application

City Express Mobile application is available in both Apple Store and Google Play. You can simply
register as a new member. Applying for membership will be completed in less than 15 minutes. 

  • Download `CITY EXPRESS JAPAN` Mobile Application

  • Enter sender and receiver’s information

  • Identity Verification and examination

  • After completion of registration, you will get confirmation email and get City Remit Card (If
    receiver is your own bank account or family members). Also, there is a chance of rejection.

Acceptable Identity Verification Documents are:

[Foreigner] Residence card

[Japanese] Driver’s license

📮Registration by Post (at least 7 days)

We will mail you a non-transferable simple registered mail to the address written in your identity
confirmation document. You have to sign and return us the membership application form. Once
received at City Express Japan office, registration is completed.


  1. Download application and usage terms.
     If you cannot download contact us, we will send form to your address.
  2. Write sender and receiver`s information and sign on the form
  3.  Attach copy of residence cards &amp; Original Juminhyo/certificate of residence with application form and
    post it to Head Office Address
  4. You will receive Welcome Letter via nontransferable simple registered mail

Identification verification document to be sent

[Foreigners] Residence Card (Double-sided Copy) + Original Resident Certificate (Juminhyo)

[Japanese] Driver’s License (Double copy) + Original residence Certificate (Juminhyo)

If the above documentation is not available, contact Customer Support.

🏢Application at the counter (same day)

Please visit Counter. Submit ID card with membership application form to counter staff. Membership registration will be completed on the same time.

Posting identification documents

[Foreigners] Residence Card

[Japanese] Driver’s License

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